M&T Online Banking October 2014

This M&T online Banking October, 2014 update is about what is available from this Buffalo based financial institution for its customers to use. It is referred to as M&T Web Banking.

The M&T electronic banking has all of the more common features other financial institutions have including bill paying and online statements. What helps to separate this bank from most others are the additional services they provide by just logging into their system and being a customer of this bank.

One of the unique features of the online banking services M&T provides is an accurate FICO credit score. It is simple to access by just signing up for this service online. This makes it easy for any customer to know just what their credit score is. This score is being provided through M&T Bank by Equifax services. There is a fee of $2.99 a month for this service. With this service customers will not only receive their credit score but also the two major factors that influence their score. This way if one of the factors is negative, they can react to it in an appropriate manner.

If you have your mortgage through M&T bank then you can also access all of the information pertaining to that loan online by just logging into your account. All that is required is for you to know your mortgage account number, social security number and have a valid email address.

These are just two of the additional features this Buffalo based financial center provides their customers online.

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GE Capital Online Banking September 2014

This GE Capital online Banking September, 2014 update is about the financial institution that was named Best Bank by Money Magazine last year.

One of the shining points of the GE Capital electronic banking is their online savings accounts. This account has no minimum deposit to open and no transaction fees. All balances are earning an APY of 0.95%. This interest is compounded on a daily basis but paid out at the end of the month.

This online banking service has a variable interest rate which can change over time. This decision to change the rate is at the discretion of bank officials and can occur when they make the decision to do so.

There is a limit of 6 withdraws from the online savings account per statement cycle. These withdraws can be by electronic transfer to another account within the GE bank or to another financial institution. You can also make a wire transfer. Deposits can be made by electronic means or by using the mail service for paper checks. For those of you that prefer to use a phone, withdraws can be handle via the phone service if you wish to do so. Additional information about where the funds are going will be necessary. The automated phone service is available 24/7 and can also be used by online savings account customers.

All GE Capital Retail Bank rates are effective as of August 28, 2014 but are still effective in the month of September. All rates are subject to change without any prior notice.

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MB Financial Online Banking August 2014

This MB Financial online Banking August, 2014 update can help provides the necessary information for you to maneuver this website and manage your money to fit your needs. The web address is ibankmb.com. This is the portal that makes it all possible. When access this bank’s website all customers will be in a safe environment. […]

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Luana Savings Online Banking August 2014

In this Luana Savings online Banking August, 2014 update is information about just what this Iowa based financial institution has to offer their customers. This past year they made the list of the National Top 100 Farm Lender of America. They are also listed as the 17th best community bank in America this past year. […]

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