Huntington Online Banking April 2014

In this Huntington online banking April, 2014 update is information on just how you can access the 37th largest holding company in America while you are conducting your business with them online. This can be done thru your home computer or laptop, a smart phone or a mobile phone with text messaging.

With PC banking you will be able to download and use both or either Quicken and QuickBooks to help you manage your money online with Huntington Bank.  This makes it possible to send secure emails to the financial institution, transfer funds and the ability to track your deposits and investment with the bank along with many more features.

With a smart phone you will be able to access the Huntington electronic banking services just like on your PC.  This again makes it possible for you to view recent transactions of all the accounts and pay bills thru Huntington Bank from any point in the world. If you decide to text the bank, the will text you back with the answer to your questions.

If you decide you need alerts on certain information pertaining to your accounts, they can be set up in three different manners. You can receive an email, voice message on your smarty phone or a text message. The exact manner in which this will be sent is set up individually by each account holder.

The online banking services from Huntington Bank is there to help keep you mobile while still being in constant contact with your funds.

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Huntington Online Banking March 2014

In this Huntington online banking March, 2014 update is the presentation of just how safe your money is with this financial institution.  First and foremost is the guarantee that your funds will be replaced if unauthorized transfer of your funds occurs thru the Huntington online Banking service or Bill Pay services if you notify the bank of the transaction in a timely manner.

The online Bill Paying of the Huntington electronic banking will also pays your bills on time every time. As long as you have scheduled the payment and have the funds in your account, Huntington Bank will burden any late fees associated with the payment.

The online banking services provided by Huntington Bank are free for their customers to use. For those with a checking account, the online bill paying service is also free. Another free service with the online checking account is the 24-hour grace period if your account is in an over draft condition.  All that is required to prevent any fee being assessed to the account is to make a deposit to cover the over draft the next business day.  This checking account like all other accounts at Huntington Bank can be opened online. Deposits can be made at the bank or thru electronic transfer.

The online banking services from Huntington Bank make it possible for you to conduct your banking needs where and when you want too.

You can also check out Huntington Bank certificate of deposit rates here at Huntington Bank CD rates.

Heritage Online Banking February 2014

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Golden 1 Online Banking January 2014

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