M&T Online Banking October 2014

This M&T online Banking October, 2014 update is about what is available from this Buffalo based financial institution for its customers to use. It is referred to as M&T Web Banking.

The M&T electronic banking has all of the more common features other financial institutions have including bill paying and online statements. What helps to separate this bank from most others are the additional services they provide by just logging into their system and being a customer of this bank.

One of the unique features of the online banking services M&T provides is an accurate FICO credit score. It is simple to access by just signing up for this service online. This makes it easy for any customer to know just what their credit score is. This score is being provided through M&T Bank by Equifax services. There is a fee of $2.99 a month for this service. With this service customers will not only receive their credit score but also the two major factors that influence their score. This way if one of the factors is negative, they can react to it in an appropriate manner.

If you have your mortgage through M&T bank then you can also access all of the information pertaining to that loan online by just logging into your account. All that is required is for you to know your mortgage account number, social security number and have a valid email address.

These are just two of the additional features this Buffalo based financial center provides their customers online.

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